No hot water? Simple checks to find the problem.

Sometimes it is not the end of the world when your hot water isn’t working as it should be. That’s why we’ve come up with a few simple checks you can do before you call an engineer. Hopefully in this guide, you will be able to find out what the problem is and the best […]

Top 5 tips to save you money on energy bills.

During the colder months, heating costs are a particularly big part of your monthly outgoings, so it may be useful to identify ways to save money on heating bills that are easy to implement. Here are our top tips to do just that. 1. Work with your radiator, not against it When it comes to arranging furniture, […]

Benefits of having a combi boiler

A combi boiler is one of the most popular types of central heating boiler used in the UK today, so what is it about these boilers that makes them so good? Combi boilers provide central heating and hot water but because they only consist of one individual unit, the central heating system does not need […]

How to bleed a radiator

Do your radiators need bleeding? Over time it is normal for air to build up in your radiators which can affect their efficiency. When air builds up it will mean some areas of radiator will be colder than others. You can normal tell if your radiators need bleeding as they will be colder at the […]

How to repressurise a combi boiler

If you’ve noticed that you don’t have any hot water or your radiators aren’t getting as hot as they should, the problem could be your boiler pressure. If the pressure of your boiler has dropped, you may need to re-pressurise it to ensure your boiler continues to heat your home and provide hot water effectively. […]

What is smart heating control? How smart heating can save you money?

What is a smart thermostat? Smart heating is a thermostat that allows you to control and customise your heating remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you’ve got a hot water tank you can control that too. How do smart thermostats work? A smart thermostat aims to save energy by increasing and decreasing the […]

How long does it take to fit a boiler

A question we’re often asked is how long it takes to fit a new boiler. It’s a natural thing to want to know, as it’s inevitable that there will be some disruption to your home life, not to mention your central heating and hot water supply. There’s no simple answer to the question, however, as […]

How to thaw a frozen boiler condensate pipe

If your boiler has stopped working in a cold snap, check to see whether its condensate pipe has frozen before you call out a heating engineer. Your boiler’s condensate pipe will run directly into a drain, in most cases externally to your property. If this pipe gets blocked with ice, or anything else, then your […]

What to do if your boiler loses pressure

If you’re having problems with your boiler — like the dreaded ‘no hot water’ — loss of water pressure might be to blame. The good news is that low pressure is relatively easy to diagnose and, in some cases, you can put it right yourself. To help you stay calm under (low) pressure, here’s our […]

Nine Signs Your Boiler Needs to Be Replaced Sooner Rather Than Later

Regular maintenance can keep a boiler going strong for about 15 years, but even the best-kept boilers wear out eventually. When repairs start adding up, it can make more financial sense to invest in a new boiler. And if safety issues are causing the boiler to be a liability, you’ll want to make replacement a priority. If […]