Regular And Combi Boilers – Which One Is Better For You?

Regular and Combi boilers are the most common boiler types you tend to find in homes around the UK, but what are the differences between these types? and what boiler type could suit you better? Find out all you need to know here today!

Combination boilers are very common boiler types that most people tend to go for when they are replacing their boiler. They are a heating and hot water system that is compacted into one small unit. They heat water directly from the mains water connection, so you can have hot water whenever you need it – letting you save money on your bills! Since they are very compact and small, they are very suitable for smaller homes or flats – or if you simply want some extra space for other belongings in your home!

Regular boilers are much more bigger in size and function using 3 water tanks, typically two for cold water and one for hot water. This boiler will only produce hot water twice in a single day, once in the morning and once in the evening, no matter if you have used it or not – this is very inefficient and can result in your boiler wasting energy as well as gain a higher energy bill for yourself. These boilers have a lot of pipework to them, 3 tank and a boiler that have to be store within or around your home, which takes up space so you don’t have extra room for personal belongings – which wouldn’t be suitable for smaller homes. 

Combi and regular boilers do have their own unique pros and cons to them, however, Combi boilers are the cheapest and most efficient option if you wish to have a smaller boiler within your home and save on your bills! Regular boilers are also the better option if you have a larger home with more than one bathroom or for bigger families in general.


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